Total Recall / by Brooks Watson

Five years back, my business partner and I "got into it" with a major car seat manufacturer. They should have recalled their new seat. They didn't. They just changed the name of the part in question, and hoped no one would notice. Well, we noticed, and so did a couple of other industry advocates.  As advocates and owners of Safety Squad, we had the responsibility to point out the danger of spin in car seat world.

It's not uncommon for companies to avoid recalls, but when your business is the safety of children, it's particularly disconcerting. 

We went public with our opinions, and they threatened to sue us. We laughed. A week later, we were on a conference call with them explaining why recalls are a reality, and good companies recall . They didn't really get it. 

This October, Orbit Baby a baby gear manufacturer voluntarily recalled their infant car seat base. We met these guys the year they launched, and as they've grown in scale and success, they've managed to stay right sized. Thank goodness.

You may not be in the market for a car seat, but from an integrity perspective, it's worth watching how a recall is done best.