Idle Log

This page will list the product of changing my bad iHabits. The goal is to be idle more, not just doing, but seeing and processing, resting and contemplating. It's helping already.

1. Slept easily and quickly, even at the firehouse when we got up 3 times last night.

2. Reading Auto-Pilot. This is a book about this very topic. I began this part of the blog, before reading. Good timing I'd say. 

3. Steam and Sauna for an hour, reading for 2 hours. Went window shopping with girlfriend.

4. Sleep! I have been getting to sleep faster and easier after NOT using the phone. Duh, but wow!

5. This log is not too long, because I've been doing less, and feeling better, which counts for a lot, but not in usual terms.

6. Started Guitar Lessons. Which requires quiet practice time. I'm already seeing the hand/eye benefits of making my brain focus on a new task.