Episode 4: Spring Cleaning in the Man-Hood by Brooks Watson

Brooks goes solo on this podcast about taking inventory of his life. He begins with a little catch up of the past four months...about what's changed since Episode #3. He then focuses on the different ways he's accounted for all the stuff, paper, behaviors, fears, belief systems etc. in his life, describing the challenges of putting everything in his mind down on paper, then looking honestly at all of it. Most importantly, he talks about the benefits of cleaning house every once in a while. Towards the end Brooks offers concrete suggestions for undertaking an inventory of your own. This is definitely not the best description of this podcast, but the writer is exhausted, and he promised you a podcast today :)

  1. For Journaling: BulletJournal.com
  2. Music: "Our Ego" by Broke For Free. Thank you.

@ShareBnB Podcast #1 by Brooks Watson

This was a spontaneous first broadcast of the @shareBNB podcast. Brooks talks about the idea and hope for the podcast. In a nut share... both hosts and guests sharing their global travel experiences using sharing economy sites. Stories to follow... Click the arrow to play Episode #1

Episode 3: Eric Muschinski on Mentoring and Growing as a Man. by Brooks Watson

Eric and Brooks talk about growing up without a strong male role-model, about making mistakes in life, and how having mentors in adulthood changed everything. Topics included: Effective communication, Breaking-up, Financial health, Failing, Thriving, Travel, Finding Purpose, Faith, Facing fear and other life issues.

Books referenced:

The Answer by John Assaraf
The Secret Rhonda Byrne
The Dip Seth Godin
Creating Sales Velocity Matthew Ferry
The Four Agreements: Don Miguel Ruiz
12 Steps and 12 Traditions: Bill Wilson
The Four Hour Work Week: Tim Ferriss