My tools are part of me / by Brooks Watson

A Truckman without a tool is pretty much useless. A Truckman with the right tool is a lifesaver. There are four main tools in my personal arsenal. Depending on my job any particular day, I may carry my CFD issue axe, (this is the biggest pick-headed axe on the market), a 30” Pro Bar with shoulder strap, the 30” TNT tool, usually with the Pro Bar, and when going to the roof or with the officer, I carry the 6’ roof hook. I carry several other hand tools and bailout gear, but I’ll have at least two of these in my hands at a every scene. If I leave the rig with an empty hand, I feel off. If I leave the rig bare-handed, I feel naked.

For those that don’t know, your tools are your tools, they are not everyone’s tools. At a fire, if you need my tools to do your job, I’ll do your job. You don’t get my tools. I need my tools. My tools and I have a history. We have done amazing things together. We know what’s possible. 

In life, I have a few big tools to get where I need to go, or get out of situations I didn’t plan for. My first tool is Awareness. When something is wrong, I’m pretty quick to remember I should do something different. I don’t need or want the drama anymore. The second is Pause. I can stop and breathe. It’s amazing how much gets fixed when you breathe. The third is asking for Help (prayer, then people I trust). If I don’t use these tools or forget I have them, life can get out of control pretty quickly. What are your tools?